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A study on quality of work life of employees in textile industry sipcot, perundurai. For this purpose quality of work life is measured by taking into account of employees health and safety, work environment, job satisfaction, motivation, job designing and term effectiveness. The project has been undertaken in leo pole apparels at coimbatore. The sample size for this study was 50 and primary data was collected from employees working in it companies. Telecommuting, daycare, and other employee benefits help workers balance their duties at work and at home. The data were collected in the month of jan 2014 feb 2014 scope of the study. A comprehensive evaluation, leading to a developmental plan, requires further investigation by qualified experts who can advise. The educational progress and future of the young employees is really a million dollar question. Investigating the relationship between the employees quality of work life qwl and their effectiveness in banking behnam talebi 1, mehdi pakdelbonab 2, ghader zemestani 2 and nasrin aghdami 1 1department of education administration, tabriz branch, islamic azad university, tabriz, iran. Selfstarters are in abundance and work a whole lot better without a micromanager.

Following are the factors that led to the qwl movement in our country. Hence, the study of work life balance and employee performance is imperative. Increasing work pressures, globalization and technological advancement have created lot of imbalances in the life of both the gender, for all. Shane moran 15004121 ma in hrm 2016 school of business, national college of ireland. It is identify the quality of work life in leopole apparels for. A large number of publications by various authors reflect the interest in this grey area. The factors concerned are organizational policies, supervisory support. Pdf quality of work life is a critical concept with having lots of importance in employees life. Worklife balance programs to improve employee performance by george sheppard mba, suny empire state college, 2011 bs, suny empire state college, 2008 doctoral study submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of doctor of business administration walden university january 2016. A high quality of work life qwl is essential for organizations to continue to attract and retain employees. Employees need to be given freedom to think for themselves and work in a space that isnt constrained at every turn. The primary goals of the quality of worklife module are to measure how work life and the work experience have changed since the earlier quality of employment surveys and to establish benchmarks for future surveys.

A study on quality of work life among employees open. Hackman and oldhams 1980 consider quality of work life as a work environment that is able to fulfill employees personal needs by providing a positive interaction effect between their physical and mental wellbeings. A job is compatible with a career orientation when. Gone are the days when the priority of employees used to be for physical and material needs. Five hypotheses were posited and sample data of 282 were collected from harare. These fundamentals are imperative for leading the employees all the way through different states. Quality of worklife questionnaire doc download citehr. With the increasing shift of the economy towards knowledge economy, the meaning and quality of work life has undergone a drastic change. Quality of work life among women employees working in garment factories in coimbatore district abstract many factors determine the meaning of quality of work life qwl, one of which is work environment.

The success of any organization is highly dependent on how it attracts recruits, motivates, and retains its workforce. A high quality of worklife qwl is essential for all organizations to continue to attract and retain employee. Pose of the present study, the questionnaire was contex. Creating and maintaining a healthy workplace requires a supportive culture that clearly values employees and is trustbased. Qwl is also found to affect employees work responses in terms of organizational identification, job. Jun 08, 2010 how to improve your employees worklife balance. It gives employees the tools and encouragement to work more effectively, to take care of their health, improve skills, and work in a way that makes them feel valued. Todays organizations need to be more flexible so that they are equipped to develop their workforce and enjoy their commitment. Helping labor and management set up a qualityofworklife program. The study helps the technical institution employees to know the udc. Quality of work life qwl human resource management 2. One must have both love and work in ones life to make it healthy. Quality of work life has been defined as the quality of relationship between employees and the total working environment.

Legislation enacted in early 20th century to protect employees from risks inherent in job and to eliminate hazardous working conditions, followed by the unionization movement in the 1930s and 1940s were the initial steps. Investigating the relationship between the employees quality. Worklife balance programs to improve employee performance. Quality of work life and organizational performance sage journals. Chapter 1 introduction to quality of work life this chapter serves as an introduction and provides the necessary theoretical framework for developing proper perspectives of the subject. This study is based on the assumption that a job is more than just a job. This survey is intended for use as a preliminary assessment of an organizations quality of worklife, as perceived by its employees. Some organizations view qwl as important, but do not formally link it to their strategic or business plans. Work life balance is the most emerging issue now days.

Reviews of literature on qwl have been done in the past by few authors. Quality of work life qwl is a relatively new concept which is defined as the overall quality of an individuals working life. New working practices and rapid technological advances are changing the nature of many jobs cooper, 1999. Human resource is the most strategic resource as no other resource can. Qwl is a comprehensive program designated to improve employee satisfaction. The worklife of an employee has studied with the help of various factors like demographic variables of age group, gender, income level. Organizations, employees introduction quality of worklife qwl can be equated with a set of objectives, organizational conditions, practices and also with employees perceptions that they are safe, satisfied and able to grow and develop as human beings. This definition frequently argues that a high quality of work life exists when democratic management practices are used, employees jobs are enriched, employees. The career orientations of employees can have important implications for their job satisfaction, commitment, and retention within organizations. In order to produce exceptional results, quit micromanaging. This study attempted to find out the factors that have an impact and influence on quality of work life of employees in private limited companies of coimbatore.

Organization success is not only depends on how the organization maximize the capabilities of employees but also have to consider on how to maximize the employees commitment on work by improving the quality of employee work life nijhof, 1998. The aim of this paper is to determine the factors affecting quality of work life of the employees in the information. It is believed that they have a positive correlation but at times they are questioned because many factors affect their correlativity. Quality of work life qwl is the extent to which employees enjoy their work and feel comfortable. Quality and worklife are necessary in the world and share a greater value to the institution. Quality of worklife and job satisfaction of a group of university employees. The multifaced demand between work and home responsibilities have assumed increased relevance for employees in commercial banks in recent years. A comprehensive evaluation, leading to a developmental plan, requires further investigation by qualified experts who can advise the senior management team with regard to options for improvement. There are many quality of work life constructs in literature. Feb 28, 20 more than ever there is a large pool of employees who dont need managing. Working smarter worklife balance and employee engagement. Objectives, areas of qwl the term quality of work life has appeared in research journal and press in usa only in 1970s. In this study we have surveyed 70 employees of a leading pharmaceutical.

Wpshc has implemented a quality of worklife program that supports a healthy work environment for all of our employees, physicians and volunteers. A study on quality of work life with special reference to leo pole apparels at coimbatore. Relationships between worklife balance factors and perceived employees job performance hana hamidi this study aimed to determine the level of employees job performance exhibited by 64 employees and the worklife balance factors that would influence their job performance. Thirdly, when heshe experiences and feels working life quite benefitting with hisher private life. Quality of work life, employee commitment, organizational performance. There is an impressive contribution by technical institutions to the development of technology and economy of our nation. A study on quality of work life among employees in it sector. A study on quality of work life among employees open access. Worklife quality defined, as the balance between an employee s work demands and outside interests or pressures is a longstanding but everevolving area of corporate social responsibility. Apr 18, 20 pdf good quality of worklife is necessary for an organization to attract and to retain skilled and talented employees. In a research report 2010 it is stated that the quality of work life had an effect on employees life and working environment. Quality in the context of work life is in effect a reflection of how eagerly we look forward to going to the office every morning, how enthusiastically we shoulder the responsibilities assigned to. This study attempts to examine the quality of work life and its impact on various employees. As observed by ahmad 2015 quality of worklife qwl of.

Quality of work life and organizational performance. Training and development programs are the necessary structural and practical nittygritty for the improvement of employees. This study is mainly focused on the worklife of employees in spinning mill, rajapalayam. Quality of work life qwl is defined as the extent to which an. People who feel they have good worklife balance work 21% harder than those who dont, reports the corporate executive board, which represents about 80% of the fortune 500.

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