Nnidaho 4-h secretary's books

You may enroll at any time, but certain projects have deadlines. Congratulations on being selected by your 4h club for the office of secretary. Hold at least six regular club meetings throughout your 4h year at least three. This publication provides guidance for the 4h club secretary on keeping a calendar of activities, preparing minutes, and keeping attendance records. Examples of 4h secretary forms fill online, printable. It lists members and leaders in the club and contains the record of business transacted and programs held. H secretarys book sample minutes for a clothing club our first meeting of the new club year was held at mary martins home at 7. Note your own duties, the 4h club bylaws, the section for club goals and the standard. Your secretarys book is the official record of your 4h club for the year. The secretary is in charge of this book and shall have it at all of the groupclubs business meetings. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started. You represent not only the local club, but also the whole program throughout the state. The secretarys record book, along with your program and treasurers guidebook make up. After the last club meeting, give your completed record book containing the attendance list, list of officers and minutes to your leaders.

The florida 4h secretarys record book is a resource for the secretaries of 4h clubs and councils to use to record membership rosters, club goals, meeting program plans and minutes. Contact your ui extension county office before enrolling. It will contain the record of business transacted at each meeting. As a 4h club officer, you represent not only your club, but also the 4h program throughout the state. Your role as the 4h club secretary you and all the officers of your 4h club are representatives. Your skills and abilities, standards and ideals, grooming, speech, and even smiles represent the south dakota 4h members. I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, my health to better living, for my club, my community and my country. Your skills and abilities, standards and ideals, grooming, speech and even smiles represent kansas 4h members. Documents and records ui extension 4h youth development. The secretary, with the assistance of a groupclub leader, is.

The substitute will check the attendance, write the minutes and sign as. Representing others is one of your most important responsibilities because it exists at all times not just while you are at 4h events. This tool will help clubs with county recognition as they reach their annual club performance standards. Adams 4h secretary s record book kansas state university june 2005.

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