Butler tube driver td1500

After doing some research, i decided to order the parts for two builds. Tube driverd blueu 275 congratulations thank you for choosing tube driver blue. Unfollow tube works tube driver to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. Each one is hand made and checked out carefully by bk himself. Tube driver blue 2150 car amplifier pdf manual download. Bk butler tube driver page 1 joes guitars, amps and gear.

I like the tube driver and still use the real tube version of the circuit which is higher gain i. I found this one at guitar resurrection in austin texas. The tube driver houses a preamp tube and it generates distortion by overdriving the tube rather than conventional pedal methods. Butler tube driver famously used by david gilmour, eric johnson, billy gibbons and joe satriani to name a few. Apparently he rejects over 60% of all new tubes he uses. Phaze audio td 1500 2ch tube amplifier with balanced inputs. The casing shows the age but as you can see the inners is in excellent condition.

This is a 1996 tube driver td 752 amp by tube works. Tube driver is widely recognized as the only successful and practical highpowered vacuum tube driven amplifier ever made. The tube king is reputed to be a very similar circuit design to the tube driver and the patent there certainly backs that notion up. Hi, i have a tube driver 4 channel not sure of the model number board for sale. Td750 is first generation of butler tube drivers and according to bk butler himself was designed with bypass circuit to keep amp operational whenif tubes burned down, in later designs that feature was eliminated and newer amps will not produce sound it tubes burned down, so if you have butler with dead channels high probability is that tubes. Ive just opened mine up and the circuit board quite clearly reads patented. But looks like it originally was a schematic of the tube driver from 1986 done by mr. The core of the pedal is a handselected 12ax7 tube which gives you a lovely sort of fuzzdrive sound than can sound amazingly smooth and textured in the hands of masters like david gilmour who still features 2 of these within his rig. By far the best tube driver i ever laid my hands on, and believe me i have laid my hands on many. If you read interviews with butler he is very adamant that there is no chandler tube driver. With careful attention given to the attainment of all tube response characteristics in a mobile environment, tube driver blue.

No place is perfect but if you cant get along here at butler, you probably need to take a good hard look at yourself. Bk butler tube driver page 1 joes guitars, amps and gear joe bonamassa forum the official forum for all things joe bonamassa, guitars and blues music. I got a bk butler tube driver several weeks ago and either it just doesnt work with my equipment or ive got a bum one, i was wondering if you guys could help me decide. The pcb is pretty accurate to the original, with a few small improvements. I purchased it back in 1994 at guitar center in san bernardino, ca. Shown above left to right the 1985 bk butler tube driver, the revised 198687 bk butler tube driver, the unauthorized 1988 knockoff made by chandler after butler parted ways with them, the 1990s tube works 911 tube driver, and a b.

The tube driver td 752 is a two channel 100 watt amp with spring reverb. Replacing a power tube used as driver for mosfet car amp. The introduction of the original tube driver 1500 in 1996 began a new era of tubedriven amplification for cars. I recently picked up a 5 knob, yellow and black, b. The tdb 2250 is the 2channel version of the companys own 5channel tdb 5150. Some used 4knob tube drivers marked chandler are not the original design by bk butler. I know the fet driver was based on the butler design.

Sep 02, 2014 the tube driver is not an extremely versatile pedal but what it does it does very well. Purchased new from bks reverb listing at the beginning of the year and only used a handful of times around the house. Need help, bk butler tube driver fender stratocaster guitar. Tube driver blue tdb275, tdb2150, tdb475 and tdb575 amplifiers are now available. Im hand building only limited production numbers every week. Nov 12, 2007 tube amps inherently have flaws tubes are delicate and do wear out. Butler tube driver blue 2150 owners information pdf. Amps, preamps, and cabinets started by elephanttalk, may 10, 2011. Essentially their real tube preamp and mosvalve power amp built into one, but they work great, and sound great. Butler audio tube driver td1500 car amplifier popscreen. Real tube by tube works other than one being in super cool enclosure, and the other in a buttugly enclosure, the 4 knob 911 tube drivers and 5 knob real tube versions are basically the same patented b. The real tube includes a mid range knob, allowing for a wider range of tones to be dialed in.

It is unkown which circuit was inside the 1980s tube driver, as butler stated shipped david four 911 td circuits in 2005, requested to replace the circuits in his old tube drivers. Solid and rugged, this 100 watt 12combo really kicks with real tube overdrive and spring reverb. May 20, 2018 tube driver td1500 from the mind of mr. Bk butler 911 tube driver beigeblack for sale online ebay. The curse as popular notions go, the butler audio 2250 carries a certain stigma if not outright blood curse. Maybe its a correct schematic for the pedal being analysed here. I actually got it used on evilbay should have just bought a new one direct from bk. This is considered as one of the best car audio amplifiers ever with an legendary cult following. Td752 td752es tube driver amps front panel features left to right tube drive switch selects either tube channel up, or clean channel down. Its not like a tube screamer or any other overdrive pedal. The tube driver is not an extremely versatile pedal but what it does it does very well. It might not be identical to the tube driver but its in the same sort of area. View and download butler tube driver blue 2150 owners information online. I personally autograph each tube driver on the bottoms side.

I removed the original tubes and installed sockets to allow the tubes to be interchanged, and i used new old stock rca 7581 tubes from around the late 1950s. Phaze audio td1500 2ch tube amplifier with balanced inputs. Footswitch jack insertion rear panel cancels the operation of this switch. This is a favourite of eric johnson, david gilmour, joe. These are not the new models these are the classic original butlers. After many enhancements of the basic discovery were implemented, bk butler was finally satisfied and designated the now patented circuitry as tube driver blue. Tube driver real tube overdrive bk butler chandler the original, classic 4 knob tube driver, made from 1985 to 1987, with the iconic case color and graphics. Essentially, bk is the designer of the tube driver. Butler audio tdb 475 car amplifier for sale online ebay. The theory was to provide a warm and rich sound with incredible power levels. This pedal is legendary, used by eric johnson, kenny wayne shepherd, david gilmour, and many. As a driver in the trucking industry you will see the good, the bad and the ugly. Pedals with separate ac power supplies or wall warts are not original and do not sound the same.

Now i know why the butler technician were so fast to answeri dont think they are so kind with the ppi version. Bk butler tube driver with bias knob, get that awesome violin tone lead best tube driver ive ever played through the delivery man dropped off my brand new bk butler tube driver about 4 hours ago 11 am and im still going, 3 pm. Butler audio is considering adding an audiophilegrade line driver to the tubedriver blue car audio line. Butler tube driver blue 2150 owners information pdf download. Make offer bk butler tube driver 911 signed autograph bk butler. Only moving because of the change in my financial situation. The layout included is for an offboard tube socket not mounted on the pcb. Again from the leading innovator of the modern tube overdrive, b. This is the big daddy of tube overdrive pedals the classic tube driver from b. Below is an interview with bk that explains the whole butler vs. Heart of the tube driver is a real handselected 12ax7 tube by bk butler himself controls.

I bought a used butler tube driver td1500 on ebay,but. Its the version that says real tube and tube works on the front. Never tried an original bk butler tube driver but always wanted to give one a go. Due to the continuing requests for my limited production original design tube driver pedal, here are the details. Would love to see the tube driver compared to the mxr fet driver. If you havent heard tube driver blue, you dont know how great sound can be in your car.

Those who want to reserve a unit, please contact me via email. Tube driver with bias control original design by bk butler. You do not have the required permissions to view the. Heart of the tube driver is a real handselected 12ax7 tube by bk butler himself.

This amplifier has been in my collection since the late 90s and. Reliable, good tones if not a little compressed in the distortion channel by itself but if your a strat or tele guy, youre good to go. It is very much eric johnsonlateera david gilmour lead tone in a box. Really nice pedal, but something keeps bugging me about it. I guess he didnt have a good relationship with that company when they were marketing it. Find great deals on ebay for chandler tube driver and bk butler tube driver. Chandler marketed his product for a while using their name.

Popscreen video search, bookmarking and discovery engine. This new design not only exceeded the superior sonic characteristics of the original tubedriver 1500, but actually rivaled butler audios laboratory all tube reference amps of the time. At some point butler started using a toroid transformer that runs from 120240vac which works with either mains power. Bk butler tube driver ecc82 siemens sx ecc82 mullard centre ecc83 yugo dx fender stratocaster cs heavy relic 56 wvoodoo 60 1972 hiwatt dr103. Check out kidd636 1997 toyota corona in manila, for ride specification, modification info and photos and follow kidd636s 1997 toyota corona for updates at cardomain. Butler designed tube driver circuit with some component differences.

Featuring a diehard metal chassis, intuitive control interface, and highlow eq control, the tube works tube driver overdrive captures magic in a box. This amplifier is built and designed by butler audio for the 12volt industry. When chandler copied the bk butler design they totally messed up the tone stack section all schematics to compare the different versions are here on. Bk butler tube driver 911 signed autograph bk butler. I have replaced all mini caps with nichicon fine gold audio caps. Later some tube drivers and real tubes were made for the european market with transformers that ran on 220240vac. Extends tube life and gets the best part of the way tubes amplify out of the tubes, while mainly using solid state for the dirty work that keeps the tubes running at their most efficient point. The tube driver is a holy grail type pedal, but many people, especially younger players, have never heard of it. It does a great od by itself and just does something magical when matched up with a fuzz and delay. Click here for larger image image may show nonstandard options available at additional costs avaliable options. It has an effect sendreceive and a footswitch for switching between the channels and turning onoff the reverb. This does not in anyway effect the sound or performance of the amp its strictly. They then decided that they were the owners of the product and took butler. I will say the box didnt make me able to play like eric johnson but i finally got that violin tone ive been.

The ld2 is a line driver that was designed by bk butler and sold by phaze audio under the phaze audiotubedriver brand name. This is the original model, designed by bk butler, built by chandler industries with the power supply built. This is the original model, designed by bk butler, built by. Able to organically create the tone of a tube amp at the point of breakup, the tube driver has been loved by guitarists since its inception decades ago for that allnatural tone and feel. Butler has been making since 2005 could be ordered with either voltage, so be sure you are buying a tube driver with the correct voltage for your country. Dangerous cut down the 300 year old tree in 10 minutes fastest skill cutting big tree chainsaw duration. This latest patent pending creation of bk butler, promises to become a classic just as his former tube driver designs have.

Forgot to mention before, if you have a chandler wall mart tube driver you can easily convert it to a authentic tube driver by rebuilding the tone stack section. I currently have 4 butler amps in 2 cars each has butler tube line drivers converting to xlr cables. Tube works tube driver bk butler rt 9 early version. Then someone modified it to match with the 911 pedal. Bk butler tube driver txba gear index texas blues alley.

Bk butler tubeworks bluetube 2chan rt924 discussion in for sale. Ive seen there are many expert here,and i absolutely need your help. Tube driver original by bk butler with bias control. Butler used an op amp stage to create the overdrivedistortion, which was followed by a 12ax7 pre amp tube stage to filter the sound. However, the thermionic mode that butler designs his tube amps is very interesting.

Tis is the only handmade and authentic tube driver which i personally designed in 1983. Bk butler tube works tube driver early 3 knob modeloriginal yugoslavian 12ax7 tube includednever thought this day would come but i just dont use this pedal at all anymore. Please take a moment to look over this brochure, and be sure to send in the owners registration and your comments. Can i use tube driver blue amplifiers to drive a subwoofer. The amp featured a highpower, solidstate output stage and used a pair of vacuum tubes in the driver stage. Its kind of like having a section of your amp right in a pedal. Tubeworks diff between 901 real tube, 903 blue tube and. And at 150 wpc, these amps have all the dynamic power thats needed for both a serious home theater or a multichannel high end system. Pure awesome sound can overheat if over driven but hard to do. This is a very smooth and organic drive that incorporates a 12ax7 preamp tube into the. Tubeworks diff between 901 real tube, 903 blue tube and 911 tube driver. Unfollow butler tube driver to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. I have 2 butler 3150 amps which is the same as the 5150 but i needed 6 channels, not 5. Butler audiophaze td1500 best offer for canuck audio mart.

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